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What We Fund

We support targeted initiatives by nonprofit organizations that bring hope and healing to children, families and communities in need.

Our Passions

Following the example of Jesus, we seek to make sustained, positive impacts for those facing difficult circumstances.

From helping children overcome poverty, abuse and neglect to providing life-saving resources to new mothers, we’re passionate about supporting programs that allow others to more fully experience God's love.   

Our Grants
At Work

Learn how we have helped organizations achieve measurable outcomes that improve the quality of life for individuals and their communities.
Compassion International

Compassion International

Compassion International partners with churches around the world to release children from poverty.

The Christ Foundation was able to provide financial support for the organization's survival intervention programs in the Dominican Republic and Togo. These services allow children to receive the care they need at the earliest stage possible, giving them the best opportunity to achieve their God-given potential.

Our gift helped staff members continue their training, purchase supplies and provide practical and emotional support so mothers could meet their babies' most pressing needs.

pregnancy choices

Pregnancy Choices

Pregnancy Choices offers services to educate, equip, and empower parents in need.

With an ultrasound machine funded by The Christ Foundation, the organization is now able to help women confirm a viable pregnancy at no charge.

According to Pregnancy Choices, the vast majority of women who see their ultrasound respond by choosing life for their preborn child. As one client described it, "Here's this whole fully formed baby with little fingers and little toes and a heartbeat! She was sucking her thumb! She's perfect."

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Christian Children’s Home of Ohio

Christian Children's Home of Ohio (CCHO) helps abused and neglected children find healing, discover hope and experience unconditional love.

The Christ Foundation has been a long-time partner and friend of CCHO, sharing a heart for helping people experience their worth in Christ and supporting the therapies which bring healing to traumatized children.

To provide recreational therapy to residential children, The Christ Foundation helped build a recreation center, which allows kids to just be kids as they develop socially in a fun environment. The recreation center also provides space for music and art therapies for children who find greater success expressing themselves artistically rather than only utilizing traditional therapies.


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CCHO inside gym

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