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Who We Are

The Christ Foundation was started in 1971 by Jerry and Patricia Moore. Its main focus was then, as it is now, to help children in need and to point them to their savior, Jesus Christ. Over the years, The Christ Foundation’s reach has been far and wide – from aiding local ministries, schools and churches to supporting preachers and missions overseas.

Our Mission

The Christ Foundation is formed for the specific purpose of being a charitable private foundation and is founded upon the principle that charity is an expression of our Christian faith that unites us with God.

Jerry Moore

Jerry Moore was born in Sour Lake, Texas and had lived in the Canton, Ohio area since 1961. It was there that the World War II Navy veteran founded a successful oil and gas company. Grateful for all he had been given, Jerry continually sought ways to bless others so that they may know God’s love. While Jerry passed away in 2020, his vision continues to guide our work.

Our History

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After his marriage to Patricia in 1965, Jerry saw the negative effects of divorce on his blended family and wanted to help children in similar situations and foster care.
At church, Jerry was introduced to a man who started a home for young boys in foster care. Upon hearing that this mission needed financial assistance, he did not hesitate to provide support.
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Five years later the boys’ home was flourishing and a plan for a second home was proposed.
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Jerry committed to helping financially with this second home and sought counsel from his friend and church elder, Flavel Orange. Flavel suggested that Jerry start a non-profit organization as a route for helping the boys’ homes.
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Jerry, knowing that all good things come from Jesus Christ, wanted to honor God by naming the non-profit The Christ Foundation. Jerry always knew that he had been blessed richly by God and had always used The Christ Foundation as a way to bless those most in need.
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The Christ Foundation continues to do the work that Jerry and Patricia started and strives to do it all for the glory of God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Get Started

Do you have a program that aligns with The Christ Foundation’s mission and values? Take the next step by reading about our grant application process.